Tuesday, 26 December 2017

I'm back with a few changes

Hello everyone! Its been a long time since I have posted anything at all. I needed some time to explore certain areas in computer science and engineering to figure out something I enjoyed working on. I tried learning Image Processing, Software Development, Web Development and Data Science. I have decided to have a career in Artificial Intelligence(AI). A while back I found that AI is required in Image processing applications like Recognition and Detection. In fact AI is part of a lot of modern technology.

AI scientists/engineers are able to solve different kinds of problems better than experts in that field without specific domain knowledge. Which is something I find extremely interesting. I've never been able to zero in on something specific I want to do and I like the idea to be able to find solutions to problems in various fields. Also another reason is to not be left behind. A lot of things will be automated in the future, perhaps even your current job. I want to build skill sets that will be valid even in the future and AI is the future.

I have lots of things to learn. The list is too long. I'll be writing posts about Machine learning algorithms with specific applications, Discuss math used in those algorithms, Tools and Software I use. I'm also thinking about creating a post for citing a long list of useful resources.

If you have any suggestions, Please comment.

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